Meaning of wide brown land in English:

wide brown land


  • A name for Australia.

    ‘the richness and complexity of life in the wide brown land’
    • ‘We live in the centre of this wide brown land, far away, yet roughly equidistant from, any beach in Australia.’
    • ‘He is relishing this last tour around the wide brown land before gallivanting off overseas again.’
    • ‘The bus shelter is a desolate place in the middle of nowhere and the three occupants surely represent three types of people so often found right across this wide brown land.’
    • ‘These powerful Australians hope to radically shift government policy on water resources and make a move at last towards drought-proofing this wide brown land.’
    • ‘They'd entered into an agreement to serve up a series of concerts around this here wide brown land.’
    • ‘Ordinary Australians gathered in shopping centres across this wide brown land to watch the service on large screens.’
    • ‘I got out to the centre of this wide brown land from its biggest city and spent a lot of time staring out the car window at the bare South Australia.’
    • ‘After living in Australia for many years, I thought I was familiar with every hideous bitey thing this wide brown land had to offer.’
    • ‘I have travelled far and wide in this wide brown land, and many of my travels have been sustained by the magic of the coffee bean.’
    • ‘The regeneration of representative democracy in this wide brown land may have to come from independents representing the people directly.’


1908 from the poem ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mackellar (1885–1968).