Meaning of widow's mite in English:

widow's mite


  • A small monetary contribution from someone who is poor.

    ‘this is indeed the widow's mite—it's a whole shilling I'm giving you’
    • ‘True charity, like the widow's mite, should cost the donor something.’
    • ‘Or they are trying to squeeze out the last of the widow's mite before the country becomes a total sewer.’
    • ‘For some, whose gifts are not well rewarded financially by our economic value system, time and talent may be the widow's mite that Jesus once praised so thoroughly.’
    • ‘Only later would Jesus teach us the preciousness of the widow's mite in the eyes of God - a lesson many, including myself, have yet to learn.’
    • ‘At the end of the month, everyone queues up at Batelco's wickets, and the widow's mite totals millions and millions of dollars.’
    contribution, donation, benefaction, gift, present, handout, widow's mite, subscription


With biblical allusion to Mark 12:43.