Meaning of widow's cap in English:

widow's cap


  • A cap worn by an Aboriginal woman as part of a mourning ritual, made from gypsum paste.

    ‘when a widow's term of mourning was over, she would take the widow's cap and place it on the grave of her husband’
    • ‘The skull of one skeleton from the Lake Victoria site was adorned with a gypsum 'widow's cap'.’
    • ‘She puts on her widow's cap, which, as it wears out, has to be renewed for many months.’
    • ‘A complete specimen of a widow's cap resembles the modern crash helmet worn by motor cyclists and may be from half an inch to one inch thick.’
    • ‘There was a gypsum "widow's cap" left on the head at the time of burial.’
    • ‘A widow wearing a widow's cap, with her face and body smeared with white pipe-clay, was a sign of mourning.’