Meaning of widow's cruse in English:

widow's cruse


  • An apparently small supply that proves inexhaustible.

    ‘information is infinitely reproducible without diminishing it: it is a veritable widow's cruse’
    • ‘We don't know how God kept the widow's cruse supplied with oil, and why she never ran out of flour during that long dry spell.’
    • ‘It often seemed to Connie that her sons thought of the refrigerator as a widow's cruse of food that would magically restock itself every week.’
    • ‘And so all the paradoxes of thrift, widow's cruses, and so on become irrelevant.’
    • ‘In Susan's courtyard, the little well is a widow's cruse, which never dries, even in the severe season of drought.’
    • ‘A widow's cruse was a jar of oil which was never allowed to run out, signifying that the community would support the bereaved person for as long as was needed.’


With biblical allusion to 1 Kings 17:10–16.