Meaning of widow's walk in English:

widow's walk


North American
  • A railed platform built on a roof, originally in early New England houses, for providing an unimpeded sea view.

    • ‘The rambling old beach house had a dozen or more rooms, attics, walk-in closets with hidden panels and a widow's walk that gave a view of the ocean.’
    • ‘Cupola domes and widow's walks sprout from the roofs of buildings, while ornate, old apartment blocks bear names like Haus Hohenzollern.’
    • ‘Diana vaguely remembered seeing the widow's walk, hanging like an afterthought on the front of the house close to the top, wrapped with a wrought iron railing.’
    • ‘The new building is capped with a roof walk, echoing an architectural feature atop numerous houses on the island that is commonly referred to as a widow's walk.’
    • ‘A traditional two-story Victorian, complete with cream-colored gingerbread, widow's walk, and verdigris weather vanes, it fits the atmosphere well.’


1930s with reference to its use as a viewpoint for the return of a seafaring husband.