Meaning of Wiener schnitzel in English:

Wiener schnitzel


mass noun
  • A dish consisting of a thin slice of veal that is breaded, fried, and garnished.

    ‘in Vienna we had Wiener schnitzel and beer’
    count noun ‘he ordered a Wiener schnitzel’
    • ‘Lunch is usually the main meal of the day and consists of soup and a main course of meat - sausage, the widely popular Wiener schnitzel (breaded veal), chicken, beef, pork or fish.’
    • ‘The menu for the evening was incredible: champagne, caviar, smoked salmon, pate, Wiener schnitzel and of course, Sachertorte.’
    • ‘Or perhaps you'll be tempted to try the house specialty, Wiener schnitzel?’
    • ‘I hammered it when it opened because the Wiener schnitzel was a bit tough and I wasn't crazy about the wine glasses.’
    • ‘We gladly moved on to the main courses: a classic Wiener schnitzel and roasted rabbit in a black olive sauce.’


From German, literally ‘Vienna cutlet’.


Wiener schnitzel