Meaning of wife-starver in English:



informal Australian
  • A man who defaults on maintenance payments to a wife or ex-wife.

    • ‘I wrote to him from the jail where Bertha had put me as a wife-starver’
    • ‘I went there a wife-starver and drunkard, but I left it a new man in Christ Jesus!’
    • ‘Would a woman put you in jail eleven times as a wife-starver then write a book about you?’
    • ‘A high A.L.P. official had declared that I was a wife deserter and wife-starver.’
    • ‘It is sometimes said in the north that any man who goes to work in the Territory is a tax dodger, a wife starver, or a man who is anxious to avoid becoming a guest of His Majesty.’
    • ‘Eventually the police grabbed him because he was a wife starver, which was a criminal offence.’
    • ‘He's only been inside twice, once as a wife starver.’
    • ‘What do you take me for, a wife-starver?’
    • ‘I should like to refer the enforcement of the maintenance order which arises out of one of the most heart-breaking cases in which solicitors or junior counsel appear, involving what is vulgarly called the wife-starver.’