Meaning of wife beater in English:

wife beater


  • 1A man who regularly or habitually hits his wife or female partner.

    ‘my second husband turned out to be a wife beater’
  • 2US informal A man's sleeveless vest or T-shirt.

    ‘I put on some shorts and a wife beater’
    • ‘Cameron pulled his dark blue polo shirt over his white wife-beater, and checked his reflection in the mirror.’
    • ‘Now it was a black mini-skirt with a white wife-beater and black combat boots.’
    • ‘She wore a white wife-beater and soft blue jeans.’
    • ‘I on the other hand chose to wear dark blue jeans, a white wife-beater and matching dark blue flip flops.’
    • ‘He was now wearing a wife-beater, a plaid button-up shirt and still a pair of jeans.’