Meaning of wifehood in English:



See wife

  • ‘Ideology, promulgated by the learned few, and predominantly male, writers of the period extolled the virtues of wifehood and motherhood for women, but, in most cases, the gap between ideal and reality was wide.’
  • ‘The ethos of service and usefulness that permeated the vocational concept of wifehood and motherhood similarly motivated single woman: to be useful in the world, to provide help and guidance to those who need it.’
  • ‘The idealization and elevation of marriage and wifehood brought with it an emphasis on pure motives for marrying, resulting, in turn, in the elevation of spinsterhood and a more dignified view of single women.’
  • ‘It works at the same time to bring to expression a female eroticism not tied to a biographical trajectory of wifehood and motherhood.’
  • ‘She feels trapped by wifehood and motherhood, and she feels she's a failure at them both.’