Meaning of wifey in English:


(also wifie)

nounwifeys, wifies

  • 1informal A condescending way of referring to a person's wife.

    ‘men I had met had always wanted houses and a nice little wifey to cook for them’
    • ‘But then I looked at him there with the wifey and kiddies, looking all happy and ordinary eating their lunch and I thought how rude it would be for me to take their picture.’
    • ‘It's no longer all about the little wifey having the hubby's meal on the table at 6pm on the button.’
    • ‘This wifey from a rough part of town goes along to the family planning clinic.’
    • ‘Yesterday was Mother's Day - the boy and I picked some flowers for wifey and made her breakfast in bed (well, the boy watched me make breakfast, anyway).’
    • ‘Did you see wifey's face at the press conference?’
    1. 1.1Scottish A woman, especially an old or uneducated one.
      ‘two wifies gie us the eye as they pass’
      ‘a wee local wifie’
      lady, girl, member of the fair sex, member of the gentle sex, female


Late 18th century diminutive of wife.