Meaning of Wiffle ball in English:

Wiffle ball


  • 1trademark in US A light perforated ball used in a type of baseball.

    ‘Eternal Reefs mixes funeral ashes (declared a concrete additive by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1999) with cement, then molds them into a giant, hollow sphere resembling a Wiffle ball.’
    • ‘It's part of the plan, you know - such as when Bonner wanted to work on his post moves and had his sister, Becky, take swings at his legs with a Wiffle ball bat while she guarded him.’
    • ‘Each year, more and more tournaments using patented Wiffle balls or similar orbs are being staged as the game's popularity expands.’
    • ‘Woolworth stores soon placed orders, and Wiffle balls have been sailing through backyards and thwacking garages ever since.’
    • ‘But as identifiable as the bright yellow Wiffle bats and the bright white Wiffle balls may be, they are only a part of Wiffle's lasting appeal.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A game played with a Wiffle ball.
      ‘Whether it's an impromptu game of Wiffle ball in the hallway, a random putting contest on the carpet or a quick game of Ping-Pong on a makeshift table, there's rarely a dull moment inside the Time-Life Building.’
      • ‘My earliest baseball memories are of a nighttime Mets game when I was four or five and of playing Wiffle ball on the sidewalk around that time.’
      • ‘I bought a big house so I could throw a football and play Wiffle ball in it, rather than show it off.’
      • ‘However, most of the articles and essays are generally public-friendly, with great discussions on the merits of Wiffle ball, urban sclerosis and the moral transition of the office family portrait.’
      • ‘When you're young and playing Wiffle ball, it's one thing.’


1950s Wiffle, variant of whiffle.