Significado de wig out en en Inglés

wig out

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verbo frasal

  • 1EEUU coloquial Behave in an irrational or erratic way; panic or become hysterical.

    ‘she wigged out and started screaming at Sam’
    • ‘But the long and the short of it was that the baby boomer's father lit up and proceeded to wig out.’
    • ‘She seemed resigned rather than annoyed, and although I was wigging out at the thought of another month in my current state, what could I do?’
    • ‘He was totally wigging out, his head all wagging back and forth.’
    • ‘You've been wigged out ever since I got here, you're totally different!’
    1. 1.1wig someone out, wig out someoneMake someone feel distressed, unsettled, or annoyed.
      • ‘it would wig me out to have people on my property’