Meaning of wigeon in English:


(also widgeon)


  • A dabbling duck with mainly reddish-brown and grey plumage, the male having a whistling call.

    Genus Anas, family Anatidae: three species, in particular the European wigeon (A. penelope) and the American wigeon (A. americana)

    • ‘Females during the breeding season and the young eat many aquatic invertebrates, but aside from that, wigeons are plant-eaters.’
    • ‘Where the trail hugs the edge of the slough, watch for waterfowl - pintails, green-winged teals, and widgeons - and listen for the machine-gun rattle of belted kingfishers.’
    • ‘My first sighting was of large numbers of pink-footed geese and wigeon along with some ringed plover and shelduck.’
    • ‘Bird species like garganey, gadwall, mallard, shoveller, pintail and wigeon use the lake in transit.’
    • ‘Where once there were acres of grain, there are now acres of barnacle geese; where sheep once grazed, there are widgeon and teal; lapwing and redshanks have replaced the cattle; his new crops are spoonbills, snipe, skylarks and linnets.’


Early 16th century perhaps of imitative origin and suggested by pigeon.