Meaning of wigged in English:


Pronunciation /wɪɡd/


See wig

usually in combination ‘a blonde-wigged woman’
  • ‘For most people the term ‘common law’ summons up quaint images of wigged British judges and piles of dusty law books.’
  • ‘The photo had been altered so that between the doctors peering down at the operation is a wigged and gowned barrister.’
  • ‘Mr. Darnay tells Sydney Carton, the wigged gentleman who resembles him (and who is an attorney working for the defense), to tell Miss Manette that he is deeply sorry to have been the cause of her agitation.’
  • ‘I only saw the 1,000 or so sweaty gamer stereotypes posing with wigged models.’
  • ‘It's perhaps not all the wigged one's fault, though.’