Meaning of wiggly in English:


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adjectiveadjective wigglier, adjective wiggliest

See wiggle

‘On the front of the mower is a rolling barrel with foot-long wiggly rubber fingers.’
  • ‘Dumped the car at the station and set out on what I'd planned to make a short stroll, but somehow ended up in Southend, about three miles by road and slightly further by the wiggly seafront.’
  • ‘The three dozen first-graders were a rowdy and wiggly bunch, almost as jumpy as some of the animals brought out for them to pet.’
  • ‘The movement hasn't been linear or clean - more like a series of wiggly gyres.’
  • ‘One baby was small enough to be cradled, the other was larger and wiggly.’



/ˈwɪɡəli/ /ˈwɪɡli/