Meaning of wiggy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪɡi/

adjectivewiggier, wiggiest

informal North American
  • Emotionally uncontrolled or weird.

    • ‘you've been acting all wiggy’
    • ‘The cousin that idolizes you and follows you around and gets you in trouble, the parent that goes through your computer and books and papers to find out what you're doing just to show in some weird and creepy and way wiggy way that they care.’
    • ‘You really can tell some pretty wiggy things from looking at someone's handwriting.’
    • ‘I'm glad you stuck with me through the rocky bits yesterday… especially when my sister went all wiggy on me…’
    • ‘The folks who look like they do have other stuff to hide. You may be amazing, but you're not that unique when it comes to being wiggy about this stuff.’
    • ‘Anyway my next wiggy encounter came at secondary school.’


1960s from wig out (see wig).