Meaning of wigless in English:



See wig

‘One party's negotiator says his abiding memory of the Good Friday talks was of her walking the corridors shoeless, wigless (she wore a wig after radiotherapy) and carrying a bottle of champagne in her hand.’
  • ‘For more than five years, the wigless - solicitors - have been demanding the same rights as their wig-wearing brethren - the barristers - to litigate in the High Court and the Court of Final Appeal.’
  • ‘Upon his arrival on a hot February Sydney day, Dowling disembarked to an eleven-gun salute and was greeted by a gowned but wigless Chief Justice.’
  • ‘At the end Morse must throw out an entire tour's worth of guitar plectrums into a grateful crowd, while one of Paice's drum sticks arcs through the air into the hands of the wigless man.’
  • ‘And when she fully owns that, she can be naked and wigless, wandering off into the world, at peace.’