Meaning of Wikipedian in English:


Pronunciation /wɪkɪˈpiːdɪən/


  • A person who contributes to the collaboratively written online encyclopedia Wikipedia, especially on a regular basis.

    ‘to committed Wikipedians, the site is the embodiment of an ideology of free information for all’
    • ‘By the way, we like the offbeat articles: no Wikipedian sneers at them.’
    • ‘The argument against would be summed up by a Wikipedian in two words: "not notable".’
    • ‘You recall the central Wikipedian directive: "Be bold."’
    • ‘"I feel utterly betrayed by the foundation," writes one Wikipedian on a discussion page at the site.’
    • ‘I'm not a "Wikipedian" by any means, but I am a heavy user of Wikipedia.’
    • ‘It's hard to imagine anyone other than a Wikipedian arguing the wider availability of high quality information collections.’
    • ‘This sort of access is granted to anyone who has been an active Wikipedian for a while, those individuals generally known and trusted in the community.’
    • ‘I am a Wikipedian and link to the wonderful Wikipedia frequently.’
    • ‘In another case, an active Wikipedian claiming to be a university professor was revealed as a 24-year-old without any experience in higher education.’
    • ‘One concerned Wikipedian has established Project CROSSBOW - "The Committee Regarding Overcoming Serious Systemic Bias On Wikipedia" - designed to develop strategies to increase contributions and improvements on topics that don't usually get much attention.’
    • ‘There are hundreds of thousands of "Wikipedians" who have contributed or edited articles.’
    • ‘Crucially, a great merit of Wikipedia is that Wikipedians work together to make articles unbiased.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, the number of active Wikipedians (those contributing to the site in some way) now comes in at just under 500,000.’
    • ‘For most Wikipedians, it seems the fun of the site trumps any dark concerns.’
    • ‘Wikipedians, as they call themselves, have removed or restricted information in the past.’
    • ‘The Wikipedians, as they like to be called, point out that the whole process is self-correcting.’
    • ‘The hundreds of "Wikipedians" who have contributed obviously believe it will become an unmatched resource.’


  • Relating to the collaboratively written online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

    ‘Wikipedian ideals’
    • ‘In December 2003 he stood to become a Wikipedian administrator with access to technical features that help with maintaining the site.’
    • ‘They identified 10 quality issues faced by the Wikipedian community, including accuracy, completeness, and consistency, indicating Wikipedians' concern for ensuring article quality.’
    • ‘The case study's broader context is the battle between the Inclusionists and the Deletionists for Wikipedia's destiny and, more broadly still, the emergence of the Wikipedian bureaucracy.’
    • ‘There's a Wikipedian quality to the essay.’
    • ‘The CIPR guide was created with the help of the Wikipedian community.’
    • ‘Nearly two million page views were registered last September for the article, a typically Wikipedian effort with exhaustive details of the events, bolstered by nearly 289 footnotes.’
    • ‘Anyone may make a revision, but it will have to be flagged as "approved" by someone higher up the Wikipedian food chain before it goes live on the site.’
    • ‘A principled and unflinching response from the Wikipedian community followed.’
    • ‘Mitchell displays an astonishing grasp of Wikipedian philosophy and ethics.’
    • ‘These topics are only a sample of the Wikipedian breadth of McCaig's new novel.’


Early 21st century from Wikipedia (from wiki + encyclopedia), the proprietary name of the online encyclopedia.