Meaning of wild-caught in English:



  • (of an animal) taken from the wild rather than bred from captive stock.

    ‘a zoo known to have bought wild-caught gorillas on the black market’
    • ‘Gallinaceous birds seem to be ideal model hosts for this kind of experimental study because wild-caught birds can be bred and raised in captivity and released successfully into wild populations.’
    • ‘Therefore, I measured the average extraction rate of each species separately using wild-caught birds that I put into a large aviary.’
    • ‘His organization opposes the trade in wild-caught birds because of conservation and cruelty concerns, but he warns of its health hazards as well.’
    • ‘They were wild-caught birds from Ecuador and Peru which either were released or escaped after being imported as pets.’
    • ‘Commonly, farmed fish require wild-caught fish as fish feed, further depleting wild stocks.’