Meaning of wild arum in English:

wild arum


another term for cuckoo pint
‘Their gaudiness advertised that they were the poisonous berries of wild arum, lords-and-ladies.’
  • ‘For my colleague Stephan's memorial last month we simply contacted one of the parents who encourages her wild arums by feeding and dividing them.’
  • ‘Primroses, violets and bluebells appear in the roadside verges, followed by wild arum and the wild carrot, otherwise known as ‘Queen Anne's lace’.’
  • ‘The amount of light reaching the woodland floor is reduced but is sufficient for shade tolerant varieties such as Bluebells, wild arum and ground ivy.’
  • ‘The flora of Belgium is made up of plants like hyacinth, strawberry, goldenrod, periwinkle, foxglove, wild arum, and lily of the valley.’