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wild cherry

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another term for gean
‘Mountain ash, red cedar, staghorn sumac, mulberries, wild grapes, elderberries and wild cherries offer a variety of sizes, shapes and species for the birds' feeding, hiding, courting and nesting - and for our esthetic pleasure.’
  • ‘And all the while Dr Biswell and the Apparitional Gamekeeper have been planting in the wood several silver birch trees and also some rowans and wild cherries up beside the horses' field.’
  • ‘North Londoner Mark Reddy from Muswell Hill bought his woodland in Cobham, Kent four years ago and has transformed the 14 acre plot of sycamore, maple, wild cherry and oak trees into a haven for his wife and two sons.’
  • ‘The rest will be a mosaic of birch, rowan, wild cherry, alder, juniper and holly.’
  • ‘A benign deterrent is planting alternate food sources, such as mulberries or wild cherries, to lure birds away from your garden.’
  • ‘So, instead, we drove to Taunton, through the bright sunshine, along hedged roads running between folded hills, with black-thorn bearing bright white star-flowers, and wild cherry and prunus in full bloom against an endless blue sky.’
  • ‘Perhaps there is a wild cherry tree in the front yard, two almond trees at some distance from a cluster of walnut trees, lilacs staring at strangers.’
  • ‘The following herbs have been successfully used for centuries for bronchitis: lobelia, licorice root, wild cherry bark, coltsfoot, white horehound, pleurisy root and catnip.’
  • ‘Now the Goods Shed restaurant buys much of their pickings, and features their home-made wild cherry and elderflower on its drinks list.’
  • ‘They were later joined by Coun John Smith, the Lord Mayor of Manchester, who planted a wild cherry tree.’
  • ‘The kitchen sink emptied straight into a ditch, and there was no garden at all but for an overgrown orchard with a few apple trees and wild cherry seedlings.’
  • ‘The footpath located in the wood is situated on land owned by the Wroughton Science Museum and is already a beauty spot enjoyed by local walkers and hikers alike, who come to see its Bath asparagus, bluebells and wild cherry.’
  • ‘Olive reported that P. rosea is common in moist chambers on bark from larch, pine, wild cherry, oak, and maple.’
  • ‘The Vale of Avoca is especially lovely in late spring, when the wild cherry trees are in full bloom and the white blossom stands out against the dark green of the background foliage.’
  • ‘But the university has recommended against confining horses to small areas surrounded by wild cherry trees and called for the use of temporary fencing to close off areas next to lots of wild cherries to ‘provide an extra level of safety.’’
  • ‘Get rid of any infected wild cherries in the vicinity.’
  • ‘To treat a cough, make a calming tea from equal parts of licorice root, anise seed, mullein leaves and wild cherry bark.’
  • ‘Carving single blocks of beech, ash, wild cherry or oak, he darkens the figures' surfaces by lightly charring them, after which he polishes them so that they seem to glow.’
  • ‘For the best part of 200 years what is thought to be Britain's largest wild cherry has produced a stupendous display of spring blossom in a Yorkshire parkland.’
  • ‘Ripe spiced plums and strawberry aromas broaden into dark wild cherry.’