Meaning of wild dagga in English:

wild dagga


mass noun
  • A preparation made from a southern African shrub of the mint family, used similarly to cannabis.

    The plant is Leonotis leonurus, family Labiatae

    • ‘Although the entire wild dagga plant is usable, the flower petals seem to produce very pleasant smoke and are slightly higher in concentration of the active ingredient.’
    • ‘The wild dagga is a robust shrub which grows up to 2-3m tall and 1.5m wide.’
    • ‘We provide wild dagga, salvia and salvia divinorum, kratom, kanna, wild lettuce opium and blue lotus for no intention or purpose.’
    • ‘Pure wild dagga and Scotch Broom Topps are among some of the incredible herbs that make up this Enhanced Smoke Blend!’
    • ‘Jimmy, I doubt a standard nursery is going to carry wild dagga.’