Meaning of wild dog in English:

wild dog


  • A wild member of the dog family, especially the hunting dog of Africa, the dhole of India, or the dingo of Australia.

    • ‘You will also see gemsbok, springbok, eland, blue wildebeest, cheetahs, wild dogs, jackals, bat-eared foxes and leopards.’
    • ‘The predators - cheetahs, leopards, lions, wild dogs, hyenas, wild dogs, and jackals - naturally follow.’
    • ‘Other animals photographed included elephants, sun bears, porcupines, clouded leopards, wild dogs, and panthers.’
    • ‘Carnivores that engage in cooperative group hunting include wild dogs, wolves, hyenas, lions and meercats.’
    • ‘The other predators in this tropical mixed deciduous forest include the panther, the wild dog and the sloth bear.’
    • ‘Because they prey on calves and sheep, dingoes and wild dogs are viewed as a threat to livestock.’
    • ‘Australia has long battled its native wild dog the dingo, but now domestic hunting dogs have bred with dingoes to produce a larger, aggressive feral dog.’
    • ‘The dingo, a wild dog, is thought to have contributed to the tiger's demise on mainland Australia and in Papua New Guinea.’
    • ‘Unlike most large canids, wild dogs do not announce their presence by howling, but with a scent message that can last for months.’
    • ‘Following on their heels are the predators of the savanna - lion, cheetah, wild dog, jackal, hyena and vultures.’
    • ‘Police marksmen with Aborigine trackers were hunting for two dingoes or wild dogs who attacked the boys on Fraser Island, scene of a spate of attacks in recent years.’
    • ‘For example, there was a fluctuation in the wild dog and hyena population in Mudumalai sanctuary due to the spread of diseases such as distemper.’
    • ‘If these wild dogs don't die of sheer starvation, he said, diseases such as parvovirus, heartworm, or intestinal parasites usually kill them.’
    • ‘A mixed pack of coyotes and wild dogs had found the open gate.’
    • ‘He does his part to ensure the survival of the wild dogs in his area.’
    • ‘African wild dogs use their sense of sight, not smell, to find their prey.’
    • ‘Gardiner said they would soon also reintroduce spotted hyena, wild dog and, hopefully, the rare Cape vulture.’
    • ‘Along the way we encountered straggly herds of llamas and occasional wild dogs.’
    • ‘A deer being chased by a wild dog, hurtling across some large featureless plain beneath a sky the deep blue-black of ink, interspersing its run with elegant bounds, that delicate prettiness even in its death-flight.’
    • ‘All are surrounded by walls of stone and thornbush to keep out the wild animals, such as leopard, hyena, and wild dog.’