Meaning of wild duck in English:

wild duck


another term for mallard
‘Migratory waterfowl - particularly wild ducks - are the natural reservoir of avian influenza viruses.’
  • ‘The garden is located around the small lake at the university and includes two platforms for the wild ducks and water hens to roost on.’
  • ‘It's also the game season (partridge, wild duck, pheasant, quail and hare) and the season for frogs and snails.’
  • ‘The owners have also developed a small lake where the resident ducks live and wild ducks and the occasional blue heron visit.’
  • ‘The farm is near a lake where a wild duck was recently found killed by the virus.’
  • ‘Migratory wildfowl, notably wild ducks, are carriers of the viruses, but are unlikely to develop an infection.’
  • ‘Located in the Yangpu District, the desolate area with vast wetlands and pools has many egrets and wild ducks.’
  • ‘The wild ducks and egrets come in October each year and leave for the north the following April to lay eggs.’
  • ‘The whole morning passed quickly as we killed three wild ducks, one swan and one guinea fowl.’
  • ‘They may also have kept domestic ducks although it is difficult to tell the bones of a domestic duck from those of a large wild duck.’
  • ‘The principal game birds of Britain are grouse, partridge, pheasant, plus woodcock, pigeon, quail, and various wild duck and marsh fowl.’
  • ‘Every so often a few wild ducks would take up residence and some of the domestic population would either leave for pastures new or be culled by the local fox contingent, who saw the pond as the fox equivalent of the nearest chippy.’
  • ‘In fact, that was just what I had in mind before the wild duck hatched out her brood outside my kitchen window.’
  • ‘Sitting on a raft, floating down the torrential water, tourists will experience excitement but no danger as they watch cormorants on the fishermen's boats and flocks of wild ducks playing with crystal water.’
  • ‘Peacocks walk freely around the island and wild ducks nest throughout the island.’
  • ‘Not long ago, a couple of wild ducks from Canada landed in his swimming pool in north Jersey, where they hatched ducklings, after which they, too, flew away.’
  • ‘We crossed a bridge over the Entrance Lake, where wild ducks paddled fearlessly and a very life-like statue of Sir Peter Scott stood gazing down at two bronze swans in the water.’
  • ‘This preparation, derived from the hearts and livers of wild ducks, is a leading over-the-counter flu treatment in Europe.’
  • ‘We've had a situation once where there was a family of wild ducks on a pond, and each morning I'd get up really early to see how close they'd let me go before they'd fly away.’
  • ‘The giant and very much loved carp that swim with the wild ducks in my (unutterably gorgeous) local park had a death scare.’