Meaning of wild flower in English:

wild flower


  • A flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention.

    ‘fields of wild flowers’
    • ‘a wild flower garden’
    • ‘They rolled down the hill into the grasses in the field below, where wildflowers grew.’
    • ‘Sweden is a blur of golden wheat fields, bright wildflowers and hot rosehip tea.’
    • ‘If you like the charm of a natural flowering meadow with a mismatch of blooms, you should try growing your own wildflower garden.’
    • ‘It has been completely covered by elm scrub, which will be taken away so the grass and wildflowers can grow back.’
    • ‘That in turn gave not only the grass but also wildflowers time to grow and establish themselves.’
    • ‘Scatter seeds of wildflowers directly into the garden where you want them to grow.’
    • ‘People are especially keen to grow wildflowers, which are on beautiful display at the park even during this dry winter.’
    • ‘All around her stood high fields of wildflowers and grass and she spun around admiring the view.’
    • ‘Some wildflowers grew where she sat, so she moved where she couldn't crush any of them.’
    • ‘We had time to notice the variety of wildflowers and birds and to see them in a new way.’
    • ‘We also planted a wildflower and herb garden in the enclosed yard and constructed a storage shed.’
    • ‘This analysis provided a series of years subjectively classified as good or not good for wildflowers.’
    • ‘The entire length of the walk on the side away from the river has been planted with a mix of wetland wildflowers, grass and shrubs.’
    • ‘One of the first things we did was to dig a large pond and plant a marsh garden and a wildflower meadow.’
    • ‘The hedgerows and wildflowers were in full bloom; blackberries abounded.’
    • ‘The air was fresh with earthly scents of topsoil, grass, trees and wildflowers.’
    • ‘And of course part of the gardens are dedicated to wildflowers, and others to beautiful roses.’
    • ‘A wildflower garden is ecologically sound, creating a habitat for a host of species such as bees and butterflies.’
    • ‘He was particularly complimentary about the wildflower garden, home to so many creatures.’
    • ‘Give your loved one a wildflower from the garden or even one you saw on the walk home!’