Meaning of wild garlic in English:

wild garlic


another term for ramsons
‘With spring quickly leading into summer, and our roadsides having gone from daffodils to bluebells to wild garlic, it is hard to imagine flowers being endangered species.’
  • ‘Wood anemones, wild garlic and marsh marigolds flourish, and at the moment the floor of much of the wood is carpeted with bluebells.’
  • ‘I followed the road towards Whalley and looked down to the left where flowers such as wood anemone, primrose, wild garlic and bluebell thrive. Here was once the third splendid manor house set in this area of the Calder Valley.’
  • ‘The wild garlic called Ramsons, found in damp woodlands all over the UK will also be of benefit; mix the fresh leaves into salads during spring and early summer.’
  • ‘This is simply an extension of the local habit of continually wandering about tweaking bits of tasty food off the hillsides: wild asparagus, mushrooms, fennel, borage, wild garlic, lemons.’
  • ‘I'm going to paint among the wild flowers of oak woods - primroses, bluebells, anemones and wild garlic, above an estuary as the tide ebbs and flows.’
  • ‘The entrance is one of the more picturesque in the Dales, especially in spring when the sides are a mass of colour from bluebells, wild garlic, and primroses.’
  • ‘Bluebells, wild garlic and orchids grew in the copse behind me.’
  • ‘Clean, cutting and super fresh aperitif and perfect seafood partner from a team of New Zealand winemakers in the Loire that will complement all the wild garlic you can serve with it.’
  • ‘But often I grazed fields like this one, searching for silverweed, wild garlic, cress in the damp corners.’
  • ‘Cabbages, wild garlic, spinach and a range of colourful flowers are among the items produced by residents at the one-and-a-half acre site on Red Lane.’
  • ‘It's a tiny piece of lawn ringed with a bed of alyssum, purple wandering jew groundcover, aloes, wild garlic and other assorted plants.’
  • ‘I use wild garlic all around my workroom area and which ever way the wind is blowing, the scent pervades the entire area.’
  • ‘Vivienne serves out her contribution, a main course of pigeon with lime and coriander crème fraîche and lentils with wild garlic.’
  • ‘Full-flavoured spring salads, soups and stir-fries, featuring peppery watercress and pungent spinach, or spring greens garnished with wild garlic, need a notch up in wine flavour, especially if you are going to add a zesty sauce.’
  • ‘Onions and leeks were cultivated as flavourings and wild garlic may have been used.’
  • ‘The duff notes - a salad of braised wild garlic with anchovies and olives which was oversalted, and a ‘kugel’ of vermicelli and peas, which was solid but unremarkable - were far outweighed by the ones that rang clear.’
  • ‘Colcannon is a dish made of potato and either wild garlic, cabbage or curly kale.’
  • ‘Mixtures of canola with mustard and wild garlic reduce the market value of the crop.’
  • ‘The smell of wild garlic is something I always associate with those holidays; they weren't anything like as sophisticated as the trips my children enjoy, but I have happy memories of them.’