Significado de wild hyacinth en en Inglés

wild hyacinth


another term for bluebell (sense 1)
‘Daffodils, wild hyacinths and tulips, snowdrops, bluebells, daisies and buttercups littered the earth.’
  • ‘We witnessed the splendor of wild hyacinths in bloom and a tiger swallowtail visiting Golden Alexanders.’
  • ‘These wild hyacinths bloom from late April to June, with the most spectacular displays in May.’
  • ‘Here, one of the Chicago region's best displays of wild hyacinth and wild geranium reaches its prime around Memorial Day.’
  • ‘The wild hyacinths, or bluebells, had begun to fade, but a few could yet be gathered here and there in the woods and in the edges of the fields.’