Meaning of wild man of the woods in English:

wild man of the woods


  • 1A man or supposed semi-human creature living in a wild state in woodland.

    ‘The Bakwas' or Wild Man of the Woods is a supernatural being who lurks near the edge of the forest and near streams.’
    • ‘The motif of the Wild Man of the Woods is a staple of folklore. The legend is encountered in many, if not all, of the world's cultures.’
    1. 1.1dated An orangutan.
      ‘‘Orang-utan’ means ‘wild man of the woods’; until they were studied up close, European explorers thought gorillas were actually a tribe of humans related to the Pygmies.’
      • ‘His Latin term for the creature was ‘Homo Sylvestris’ or ‘wild man of the woods,’ and, conversely, the humanity of the quasi-mythical pygmies had long been the subject of European speculation.’