Meaning of wild mustard in English:

wild mustard


mass noun
  • Charlock.

    ‘Flea beetles also feed on many nongarden plants, including Virginia creeper, pokeweed, horse nettle, pigweed and wild mustard family plants.’
    • ‘It also controls certain broadleaf weeds, including Powell amaranth, jimsonweed, annual morningglory, redroot pigweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, common sunflower and wild mustard.’
    • ‘In Montana's far north, just below the USA-Canada border and wedged between the Bearpaw Mountains and the Rockies, lies the Milk River valley, festooned with tumbleweeds, wild raspberries and yellow-flowered wild mustard.’
    • ‘I'm also moved by bold colors and the play of light; when I hike on weekends near my home in Los Angeles' Santa Monica Mountains, the early morning backlight appears to set the bright yellow of the hillside's wild mustard blooms afire.’
    • ‘By specifying a set of these descriptive characteristics of the plant such as an image of a oval-shaped leaf with alternate leaf arrangement and with bluntly toothed margins and ‘grows in Illinois’ might match a wild mustard.’