Meaning of wild swimming in English:

wild swimming


mass noun
  • The practice or activity of swimming for pleasure in natural waters, typically rivers and lakes.

    ‘Some people love wild swimming so much they do it every day, winter and summer, claiming long lives and healthy immune systems as a result.’
    • ‘Among the readings and writing workshops, it includes wild swimming, moonwatching, tree walks and lots of dancing.’
    • ‘We're particularly into the thing they call wild swimming.’
    • ‘Despite his initial scepticism, he has found himself seduced by the magic of wild swimming.’
    • ‘I love wild swimming, any swimming outdoors actually.’
    • ‘Wild swimming is growing in popularity as a free activity in the UK.’
    • ‘There's something exhilarating about wild swimming that makes the skin tingle, blows away the cobwebs and cleanses right to the very core.’