Meaning of wild type in English:

wild type


mass nounGenetics
  • A strain, gene, or characteristic which prevails among individuals in natural conditions, as distinct from an atypical mutant type.

    ‘this mutant produces about 15 times more enzyme than the wild type’
    • ‘wild-type alleles’
    • ‘The mutation also reduced the copy number of the plasmids in otherwise wild-type strains.’
    • ‘One young insertion was found to be homozygous in two wild-type strains and absent in six others.’
    • ‘The clastogenic response of the three wild-type lines is statistically not significantly different.’
    • ‘If present, however, they do not have the same organization as in wild-type cells.’
    • ‘We hypothesized that this was due to wild-type protein inherited by the spores.’