Meaning of wildcraft in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌɪl(d)krɑːft/


[with object]
  • Gather (herbs, plants, and fungi) from the wild.

    ‘Medicinal plants are wildcrafted from the bush or forest and not cultivated, since the plants are plentiful and not hard to find; one herbalist kept a kitchen garden.’
    • ‘Medicinal plants are predominantly wildcrafted and dispensed mainly by decoction, although prepared formulas are given.’
    • ‘The new Mugwort was wildcrafted and cured by the proprietor of the shop, and is leaf-only.’
    • ‘True, the organization may well be doing an excellent job in monitoring organic standards for agriculture in Britain, but wildcrafting throughout the world is something else entirely.’
    • ‘For instance, nettles that he sells to a local cheesemaker mean lucrative wildcrafting during the slow harvests of early spring.’


mass noun
  • The action or practice of wildcrafting.

    • ‘The wildcraft of mushroom hunting is directly related to our stomachs.’