Meaning of wildly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌɪldli/

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  • 1In a way that lacks discipline or restraint.

    ‘toddlers run wildly in circles’
    • ‘the audience cheered wildly’
    • ‘she was wildly enthusiastic about the food’
    • ‘The resulting ballet, Billboards, set to music by the rock star Prince, earned the company millions but the sight of its dancers gyrating wildly in bikinis generated much damaging criticism.’
    • ‘He swung wildly, giving the other man enough time to duck.’
    • ‘Schumacher had powered into a lead of over four seconds after careering wildly across Hakkinen at the start to maintain the advantage of pole.’
    • ‘Roaring in pain, his body jerked and bucked wildly.’
    • ‘The entire preview audience applauded wildly.’
    1. 1.1In a way that indicates distraction or strong emotion.
      ‘he ran to us, staring wildly’
      • ‘his face is red, his arms gesticulating wildly’
      • ‘He hears her open the door, and he hears her screaming wildly.’
      • ‘He is smiling wildly.’
      • ‘She laughs wildly and climbs up the staircase, daring him to go.’
      • ‘She throws herself on the floor, sobbing wildly that she wishes she was dead, now that the only person who ever loved her is gone.’
      • ‘He gave in to her great magnetism and fell wildly in love.’
  • 2To a ridiculous or extreme degree.

    ‘he has a tendency to exaggerate wildly’
    • ‘oil prices have fluctuated wildly since May’
    • ‘a wildly impractical scheme’
    • ‘Two of the new sculptures (all works 2004) feature big plywood or Sheetrock screens behind which lurk some wildly incongruous commercial objects.’
    • ‘Perhaps not surprisingly, their responses were wildly complimentary.’
    • ‘Five wildly different architectural signatures - Foster, Maki, Calatrava, Nouvel, Childs - do not add up to a coherent vision.’
    • ‘Their roofs would make them wildly out of scale.’
    • ‘Before them spring lithe green almonds; behind them arms of hot pink blossoms reach wildly toward the sky.’