Significado de wildwood en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈwʌɪldwʊd/


  • An uncultivated wood or forest that has been allowed to grow naturally.

    ‘There was heroic, life-shortening labour in hacking the earliest fields out of the post-glacial wildwood and scrub, but nothing to envy save the sheer fortitude of those who accomplished it.’
    • ‘Isn't it to do with being a man-at-arms, with strapping on armour and sallying forth into the wildwood on your horse, your lady's token on your arm, to right wrongs and do great deeds?’
    • ‘These old trees are the result not of the wildwood (of the Ice Age 13 millennia before) but of wooded pasture.’
    • ‘Scotland has lost almost all its native wildwood to over-grazing by sheep and cattle, and here is the chance to recreate a sizeable slice of that leafy lost world.’
    • ‘An essay on the English countryside by Oliver Rackham demonstrates that medieval England had no wildwood, but instead different forms of land management even on noncultivated land: heath, fen, moorland, grassland, and woodland.’