Meaning of wilgie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪldʒi/


mass noun
  • The pigment red ochre as used by Australian Aboriginal people to paint the body on ceremonial occasions.

    ‘the boys are painted all over with wilgie and are then fed by the old women with various grass seeds’
    • ‘There was a great deal of trading going on in wilgie, spear-sticks, flints, and various foods.’
    • ‘The following night he appeared covered with wilgie and boldly embraced her before sitting down by the camp fire.’
    • ‘A Bibbulmun boy's initiation mostly consisted of painting his body with wilgie, and much feasting and dancing.’
    • ‘He had noticed that he had wilgie on his face, so he comes to the conclusion that he had been visiting the camp.’
    • ‘Men and women, unadorned save with a fish or other bone thrust through the cartilage of the nose, or the pendulums of the ears, and with wilgie and with paint.’


Early 19th century from Nyungar (an Aboriginal language) wilgi.