Meaning of willow grouse in English:

willow grouse


  • A common Eurasian and North American grouse with reddish-brown and white plumage, turning mainly white in winter.

    Lagopus lagopus, family Tetraonidae (or Phasianidae). See also and red grouse

    • ‘A white willow grouse on white snow is difficult to spot; you may only see it when it takes off.’
    • ‘Then you can hunt for capercaillies, black grouses, hazel grouses and willow grouses.’
    • ‘Several species have been protected by legislation owing to their small numbers, among them are the beavers, red deer, and willow grouses.’
    • ‘In summertime over 75 species of birds live in tundra (polar owls, willow grouses and ptarmigans, snow-buntings, skuas, sandpipers, swans, wild geese).’
    • ‘Some species are represented by quite big samples allowing analysis of trends in geographic variation: eagle owl, larger falcons, goshawks, willow grouses, etc.’