Meaning of willow ptarmigan in English:

willow ptarmigan


North American
  • A common Eurasian and North American grouse with reddish-brown and white plumage, turning mainly white in winter.

    Also called willow grouse

    ‘Included in this family of birds is the grouse species, among its subspecies being Lagopus lagopus scoticus, the red grouse of Britain, and Lagopus lagopus lagopus, the willow grouse, known in North America as the willow ptarmigan.’
    • ‘The ptarmigan feather did not match rock ptarmigan or willow ptarmigan in size of feather, coloration of rachis, or morphology of the dorsal grooved rachis of the outer primary.’
    • ‘The behaviour we observed was similar to the behaviour of polar bears hunting seals and willow ptarmigan.’
    • ‘We expected the extensive annual variation in the timing of environmental variables (snow melt and spring temperatures) to correlate with timing of breeding as reported earlier for willow ptarmigan.’
    • ‘Some ground-dwelling birds are the sharp-tailed grouse and willow ptarmigan, while some common birds of the forest include the raven, gray jay, boreal chickadee, common raven, and common redpoll.’