Meaning of willow tit in English:

willow tit


  • A Eurasian tit (songbird) with mainly grey-brown plumage, a dull black cap, and white cheeks.

    Parus montanus, family Paridae

    ‘One means of distinguishing the willow tit from the marsh tit is by call notes.’
    • ‘The other species that have been put on the list are the marsh tit, willow tit, ring ouzel, grasshopper warbler, Savi's warbler, lesser spotted woodpecker and yellowhammer.’
    • ‘Three of these were species that normally hoard food, the willow tit, the marsh tit, P. palustris, and the nuthatch, Sitta europaea.’
    • ‘His lips parted and a low-pitched chirping burst forth, akin to the call of an irritated willow tit.’
    • ‘Within a population of scatter hoarders (e.g., willow tits, gray jays, Merriam's kangaroo rat, or yellow pine chipmunks), the ability of individuals to pilfer food from one another probably varies.’