Meaning of willow warbler in English:

willow warbler


  • A small migratory Eurasian leaf warbler with mainly drab plumage and a tuneful song.

    Genus Phylloscopus, family Sylviidae: several species, in particular the common and widespread P. trochilus

    • ‘Birds you might expect to see along the walk include long tailed tits, tree creeper, dipper, great spotted woodpecker, king fisher, mallard, nuthatch, willow warbler, wren and mute swans.’
    • ‘The birds were everywhere: song and mistle thrush, cuckoo, robin, lark, meadow pipit and song of the willow warbler came loud and clear.’
    • ‘Other reported species usually not seen during the British winter included willow warblers, garden warblers, reed warblers, and whitethroats.’
    • ‘The nightingale is the one we are most worried about, but these deers are affecting other birds too, including the blackcap, the garden and willow warblers.’
    • ‘In the next few weeks the willow warblers will take over the moor above the house and the cuckoo will pass through on its way to Scotland probably.’