Significado de willow warbler en en Inglés

willow warbler


  • A small migratory Eurasian leaf warbler with mainly drab plumage and a tuneful song.

    Genus Phylloscopus, family Sylviidae: several species, in particular the common and widespread P. trochilus

    ‘Birds you might expect to see along the walk include long tailed tits, tree creeper, dipper, great spotted woodpecker, king fisher, mallard, nuthatch, willow warbler, wren and mute swans.’
    • ‘The birds were everywhere: song and mistle thrush, cuckoo, robin, lark, meadow pipit and song of the willow warbler came loud and clear.’
    • ‘Other reported species usually not seen during the British winter included willow warblers, garden warblers, reed warblers, and whitethroats.’
    • ‘The nightingale is the one we are most worried about, but these deers are affecting other birds too, including the blackcap, the garden and willow warblers.’
    • ‘In the next few weeks the willow warblers will take over the moor above the house and the cuckoo will pass through on its way to Scotland probably.’