Significado de wiltja en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈwɪltʃə/


inglés de Australia
  • A traditional Aboriginal shelter made of branches and grass.

    ‘in the early afternoon the hot wind continued to blow hard, and everybody napped in their wiltjas’
    • ‘He spent 18 months living in the Central Desert with an Aboriginal tribe, where he studied the architecture of the traditional wiltja.’
    • ‘My ash bower is a kind of folly, an Aboriginal wiltja that stands at the top of my long meadow in Suffolk.’
    • ‘Large numbers camped in wiltja constructions in the vicinity of the Mission.’
    • ‘"Over there at her wiltja. Come and meet her. They call her Old Ruby around here."’
    • ‘There may be more than one group of wiltjas belonging to several branches of the one family.’


1950s from Western Desert language wilja ‘shelter, shade, or shadow’.