Meaning of wimmin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪmɪn/

plural noun

  • Non-standard spelling of ‘women’ adopted by some feminists to avoid the word ending -men.

    ‘But this compromise between the desire to just toss those wimmin on stage buck-naked and the conservative needs of the Oscar broadcast is just depressing.’
    • ‘Things have changed, we know, and wimmin are now womyn and core imagery is out, but we had our fears…’
    • ‘Becoming self-sufficient is frequently the goal of wimmin on lesbian land, because of the economic and emotional challenges we face in so many jobs, especially in depressed rural areas.’
    • ‘The forms womyn and wimmin are seen as more detached from man, the origin of woman being wifman, meaning ‘female human being’ but easily interpretable as ‘wife of a man’.’
    • ‘Sitting in her living room surrounded by all those ‘wimmin-loving wimmin,’ as we said back then, I knew I'd come home.’