Meaning of Wimshurst machine in English:

Wimshurst machine

Pronunciation /ˈwɪmzhəːst/


  • A device for generating an electric charge by turning glass discs in opposite directions (now used mainly for demonstration purposes in schools).

    ‘Otherwise the Wimshurst machine is used in many other demonstrations to supply electric charge.’
    • ‘There are plenty of other plans for Wimshurst machines available which use more readily available materials.’
    • ‘The sectored type of Wimshurst machine is perhaps the most well-known of the traditional induction static machines.’
    • ‘Operate the Wimshurst machine by turning the crank in a counter-clockwise direction.’
    • ‘Some X-ray units used various forms of electrostatic generator at first, but as X-ray tubes became available capable of running at currents in the order of milliamps, rather than micro amps, the use of Wimshurst machines ceased.’


Late 19th century named after James Wimshurst (1832–1903), English engineer.