Meaning of win-win in English:



  • Of or denoting a situation in which each party benefits in some way.

    ‘we are aiming for a win-win situation’
    • ‘What you've always got to come up with is a win-win situation where both of you get as much of what you want as you possibly can.’
    • ‘In other words they have managed to engineer a win-win situation for themselves, at the expense of their bitter rivals to the north of the island.’
    • ‘But on the plus side, I'm pretty scared of flying, so if I don't go, it's still a win-win situation.’
    • ‘This results in a win-win situation for both myself and [the company].’
    • ‘On the surface it would appear to be a win-win situation for the observer.’
    • ‘When we went up this time, it was a win-win situation for everyone.’
    • ‘This is not a win-win situation as it was sold politically, but a lose-lose situation.’
    • ‘Iyaituk sees this as a win-win situation, creating jobs on one hand, and preserving culture on the other.’
    • ‘For them, it's a win-win situation, until, of course, they have to deal with the moral consequences of their greed.’
    • ‘It would be a win-win situation for everybody, as long as they let everyone work.’
    • ‘The challenge was to find something within the system towards an ultimate win-win situation for all.’
    • ‘When community care for the mentally ill was implemented in the early Nineties that too was seen as being a win-win situation.’
    • ‘It was a win-win situation and Henman could not have been happier.’
    • ‘With a skillful blend of message and media we could turn this into a win-win situation.’
    • ‘It would be a win-win situation if the euro pulled back against the dollar by the time the investment started to pay returns.’
    • ‘This really is an opportunity, as the report says, for a win-win situation.’
    • ‘The import service provides a win-win situation if the person is capable of everything they say they are.’
    • ‘On the brink of his third successive drivers' title and his fifth in total, he is in a win-win situation.’
    • ‘The thrifty Scot is well aware that some nifty wheeling and dealing has left him in a win-win situation.’
    • ‘The Welsh Highland Railway shows that in some cases it is possible to have a win-win situation.’