Meaning of win the day in English:

win the day


  • Be victorious in battle, sport, or argument.

    • ‘People-power has won the day in the battle to have Old Town's hated bus-priority traffic lights switched off.’
    • ‘But they have one argument which might just win the day.’
    • ‘It would be an unforgivable tragedy for apathy to win the day and alter our sport for all time.’
    • ‘None of these arguments wins the day, but they're reasonable and fair-minded; the same can't be said for those who oppose the freedom to marry.’
    • ‘It appeared that his line of argument was going to win the day, but at this point the Roman Inquisition demanded that he be sent to Rome to be tried by them.’
    • ‘The 33-year-old Cuban's undoubted class may have won the day but the youngster has a great career ahead of him in his chosen sport.’
    • ‘But ultimately, ladies and gentleman, the president of the United States won the day.’
    • ‘Without going into too much research, it is clear that the reason that we were landed with this road is simply because vested interests won the day.’
    • ‘Eventually, however, her persuasive powers won the day.’
    • ‘We hope that by the time you hold this issue in your hands, common sense and a true commitment to homeland security will have won the day.’