Meaning of wind harp in English:

wind harp


another term for aeolian harp
‘We also had this ‘wind harp,’ a lyre with gut strings, that we'd de-tuned and stuck out in the wind on the truck.’
  • ‘This has been a dream for the past 28 years since I saw my first wind harp on a ridge in Vermont.’
  • ‘The strings on the wind harp are tuned to the pentatonic, 5 note scale, commonly heard in oriental music.’
  • ‘Richardson, a long admirer of wind chimes and wind harps, has collected different types for years.’
  • ‘In principal, the wind harp is very simple.’
  • ‘The McElliott family hopes the harmonic sounds of the wind harp will lift the spirits of all those who visit this special tribute.’
  • ‘Ross S Barrable creates beautiful wind harps out of bronze, titanium, stainless steel and crystal using the principles of sacred geometry.’
  • ‘A giant wind harp is the centerpiece of the newly constructed Reflections Garden located between the Nancy Thompson Library and Downs Hall.’
  • ‘Outside the living room windows he built two wind harps, 12-foot-tall clusters of 32 strings.’
  • ‘Harmonic wind harps transpose the spirit of the wind into spontaneous, multi-layered music in time to nature's rhythms.’
  • ‘On the giant wind harps, the sounds are lower and sound more mysterious than fairy-like because the strings are so long, but the tones are still harmonics of the fundamental pitch of the string.’
  • ‘The Aeolian Harp took its fundamental form from the traditional wind harp, an instrument that plays ethereal, random music as wind currents move over and vibrate its strings.’
  • ‘The wind harp achieved its popularity in Romantic poetry largely because of its symbolic relationship with the forces of Nature.’
  • ‘Our modern wind harps, with their soothing, ethereal tones and contemporary designs, are in fact based on principles that date back to antiquity.’
  • ‘This new CD is among the last and is the result of recordings made in Finland in 1998 with six wind harps.’
  • ‘These are beautiful handcrafted, precision tuned wind chimes and wind harps made in the USA.’
  • ‘The McLean Mix plays stone chimes and clariflute; the wind and rain play Richard Lerman's electro-acoustic wind harps;’