Meaning of wind pollination in English:

wind pollination


mass noun
  • Pollination of plants by means of pollen carried on the wind.

    ‘favourable conditions for wind pollination’
    • ‘The plantation was selected for the study of wind pollination.’
    • ‘They are long-lived perennials that are insect-pollinated with little or no evidence of wind pollination and appear to be predominately outcrossing.’
    • ‘They suggested that this suite of characters is an adaptation which increases the efficiency of wind pollination while ensuring the exclusion of foreign particles.’
    • ‘Several types of fungi block wind pollination of their grass hosts forcing them to inbreed with its resulting genetic uniformity.’
    • ‘The drier climate encouraged the gymnosperms, which reproduced by exposed seeds and wind pollination.’
    • ‘Effective wind pollination is essential if you are growing sweet corn.’
    • ‘Wind pollination was suspected because mature stamens are largely exerted from the inflorescences.’
    • ‘Protogyny, wind pollination and/or insect pollination are suspected, while reference to floral volatiles remains contradictory and anecdotal.’