Meaning of wind power in English:

wind power


mass noun
  • Power obtained by harnessing the energy of the wind.

    • ‘In 2008, the U. S. became the world's leading provider of wind power.’
    • ‘Right now Texas leads the way in wind power.’
    • ‘Salazar said any offshore energy plan must include a push for more renewable energy, principally wind power.’
    • ‘In Denmark, almost 20 percent of the energy comes from wind power.’
    • ‘Today, we purchase 30 percent of our energy from wind power.’
    • ‘Scotland has the benefit of some of the best renewables resources in the world; not least wind power.’
    • ‘We need to put money into biofuels, not windpower.’
    • ‘All five contributors, including the energy minister, Mike O'Brien, were wide-eyed lobbyists for wind power.’
    • ‘The development of cheap methods of storing mass quantities of hydrogen would be an obvious enabling technology for wind power.’
    • ‘A major concern was the uncertainty of some of the proposed sources of power, especially wind power.’
    • ‘Despite the skepticism in some quarters about B.C.'s potential, advocates see a huge upside for wind power nationally.’
    • ‘The Liberals have a comprehensive plan to generate five per cent of Canada's electricity through wind power.’
    • ‘I also want to comment on the role of wind power.’
    • ‘With a population of some 3,000, Kotzebue has pioneered the use of wind power in Alaska.’
    • ‘The world's fastest-growing producer of wind power is Spain.’
    • ‘Last year, Burgerville went even further, purchasing enough wind power from local utilities to power all of its facilities.’
    • ‘Scotland has the greatest potential for wind power in Europe, they say.’
    • ‘Worldwide, the switch to wind power is well underway.’
    • ‘Europe has more than 28,000 installed megawatts of wind power (70 percent of world capacity).’
    • ‘No longer the purview of starry-eyed environmentalists, wind power has taken off in recent years.’