Meaning of wind turbine in English:

wind turbine


  • A turbine having a large vaned wheel rotated by the wind to generate electricity.

    • ‘I am considering installing a wind turbine to generate the electricity for my small rural home.’
    • ‘Also, since solar power is not produced at night, a wind turbine can provide the electricity at this time.’
    • ‘A small wind turbine would also help generate electricity.’
    • ‘The average wind turbine produces less electricity in a year than the average family car: they produce high - cost electricity unreliably.’
    • ‘At best, a wind turbine generates 0.8 of a megawatt a year.’
    • ‘One wind turbine can supply the electricity needs of more than 650 homes and cuts the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the environment.’
    • ‘In conjunction with the West Wales Eco Centre, Keith Knight is hoping to supply the electricity from his wind turbine to local people at a cheap rate.’
    • ‘The box at the top of the wind turbine generates the power.’
    • ‘A Danish engineer, Johannes Juul, was the first to connect a wind turbine with an AC generator to the electrical grid.’
    • ‘Every kWh of energy demand supplied by a wind turbine reduces the demand on conventional power stations, and therefore reduces carbon emissions.’
    • ‘He praised Hongkong Electric's plan for a wind turbine on Lamma, and urged the territory's largest energy company, CLP Power, to try to catch up.’
    • ‘All I wanted to do was go stand under the giant wind turbine beside the Pickering nuclear station so I could talk to a TV camera about the virtues of wind as a source of power.’
    • ‘The centre is built entirely of sustainable materials, and produces its own energy through a wind turbine and solar panel.’
    • ‘Councillors are set to approve plans for a wind turbine that will provide two homes with electricity, despite objectors claiming it would be a ‘visual blight’.’
    • ‘The family are living in a two-bedroom static caravan until the site, which will include a wind turbine and solar panels to produce up to half the electricity it needs, is built.’
    • ‘Our wind turbine and hydro worked virtually without hiccup, making our lives sensitive to fluctuations between energy abundance and paucity.’
    • ‘Removing the barriers to green power is key: right now, it's just as difficult to set up a wind turbine as it is a nuclear power station.’
    • ‘Besides helping to power the visitor centre, Cllr Bloom said the wind turbine would also pump some energy into the national grid and would allow people to see what it looked like up close.’
    • ‘Danish wind turbine builders subsequently increased their lead over competitors.’
    • ‘Basically, it appeared it would be easier to get permission to build a nuclear reactor in downtown Toronto then raise a wind turbine.’


wind turbine

/ˈwɪnd təːbʌɪn/