Meaning of windbaggery in English:



informal, derogatory

See windbag

‘Most people appear to regard all this future stuff as nothing more than pointless navel gazing, needless windbaggery, useless pontificating, worthless sounding off and aimless chatter.’
  • ‘The opposition to the Governments proposed reforms to higher education is characterised by windbaggery on the part of Labour ‘rebels’ and Liberal Democrats.’
  • ‘Yes, it seems to me we're headed for another bad election, from the point of view of the ‘decent’ people who want results, not more windbaggery.’
  • ‘Apparently it is a heady mix of desperation with underlying scents of money and old rope topped off with the faint whiff of sanctimonious windbaggery.’
  • ‘Fortunately, this windbaggery can often be ignored, as fewer and fewer Americans really take the elite media's opinions seriously.’